BMS solutions, Home Automation

舍 Integration and functionality of BMS | Building Management System | Home Automation

Hybrid: integrated all versions of all sub-versions of system and integration of third party product Smart Controllers with tailored firmware optimized for:
  • Room Control (Living)
  • infrared expansion
  • miniature LED dimmer controllers
  • pool control
  • bluetooth expansion
  • Security System
  • hotel/pension - Room control
  • miniature drive controllers
  • Drives/Servos Control
  • Boiler Room Control (Heating)
  • miniature all-in-one controllers
Smart Home features:
  • Audio/Video (via Ethernet) control Denon, Marantz, Onkyo
  • DALI dimming and control
  • Infrared control (control of system from standard IR RC)
  • internal security system support with SMS notification
  • single outputs (on/off)
  • LED PWM dimming
  • HVAC
  • Cloud support (via SQL Database)
  • Green Energy boilers
  • solar systems
  • Windows Mobile software for visualization, control
  • multiple output control - motors, ventilators gears (1..4)
  • fireplace
  • double outputs for drives control (open/close) - shade awning, windows, gates, gateways
  • boiler
  • DMX dimming and control
  • Windows software for configuration of controllers
  • Java (PC Systems) software for management, visualization
  • RFID access control support
  • external security system integration
  • ADC measurement - analog sensors (temperature, light, humidity, gas, etc)
  • WWW software for visualization, control, configuration
  • Inidividual visualization creation
  • Remote control of external devices (Learn and Emualation of IR signals) for external A/V, HVAC
  • Android (Mobile Smart TV, Pads, Smart Phones) software for control visualization
  • RF 848/902/915MHz, WiFi (2.4GHz), BlueTooth
  • RS-232, RS-485, CAN, SPI, I2C, Ethernet, Internet
  • Infrared, Email, SMS, FTP, MySQL, Cloud, REST, HTML Request
  • microcontroller firmware
  • WWW
  • Windows Mobile
  • server software for integration and individual algoritms
  • configuration software
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • communication and integration libraries
  • Java
  • source code example
  • management and visualization software
  • Android
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