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BMS - home automation system (is developed since 2000)

100% Made In Poland (EU).
RS-485 BMS (Industrial Serial Bus Full Duplex) variant - in production since 2010

eBMS is complete and integrated low voltage solution of automation system for DIY and Professionals:
  • BMS wired architectures: RS-485, CAN, Ethernet
  • drives, servos, gateways, doors, windows management and control
  • various installation types: mini switchboards, central switchboards, socket cans, miniature standalone
  • smart home
  • BMS wireless architectures support: RF 863, 902, 915 MHz, WiFi, BlueTooth, IR
  • camper, mobile-home automation
  • advanced security system with SMS notification
  • hotel automation
  • can work standalone or under PC/mini-computer support/supervision
  • house automation
  • access control and function limitation integrated with RFID
  • boat, yacht, house-boat automation
  • building and facility management system
  • office automation
  • any DIY implementation (software+hardware)

BMS System contains following variants for different installation types and functionality:
  • HYBRID - all following BMS system variants are completely integrated in Hybrid version under Linux BMS Server (mini-computer board) which can contain any combination of the controllers, taking benefits from each architecture. It integrates other subsystems and BMS devices too.
  • RS-485 - large controllers for industrial serial bus (up to 1200m range). It is dedicated for mini switch-board for complex management of rooms, flats, apartments, offices, buildings - under PC, Linux mini-computer, CommManager supervision
  • RF - small controllers for RF operation (Radio Wireless in one of base-band 862, 902, 915 MHz depending on RF plugable module to BMS CAN controller) installed in electric sockets cans. Works under BMS server, CAN/RF server supervision
  • PRO BMS - extra large controllers for direct work in Ethernet (LAN) or WiFi network for central/main switch-board installation. Hosting on Linux mini-computer board with BMS server software installed.
  • CAN - small controllers for "Controller Area Network" serial bus (100m range) installed in electric sockets cans for small installations. Works under BMS Server server supervision
  • LAN - large controllers for direct work in Ethernet network (dedicated for mini switch-board) for for complex management of rooms, flats, apartments, offices, buildings - standalone operation can be supported by PC, or Linux mini-computer and BMS software

BMS home automation system is supported by server and client software for various hardware platforms
  • SmartPhones, Pads, Pods
  • SmartTVs
  • Any devices with web browser support
  • PC (Windows, Linux and other Java Enabled OS)
  • mini-computer Linux boards ARMs: 1,2,4 cores (Including Raspberry PI/B+/2 Banana PI/PRO, Orange PI

BMS Smart Home system is supported by BMS applications for various Operating Systems:
  • Android (smartphones, Pads, Pods, SmartTVs)
  • Web Browser support from any Hardware and Software Platforms
  • Windows XP,Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • Programming and development libraries, source codes, templates (C,C++,Delphi, Java, Android, C# {.Net, .Net CF}, Java Script, SVG, HTML, XML, PHP)
  • Windows Mobile, Phone, .Net, .Net CF
  • Java software for any OS which supports Java Virtual Machine
  • Linux (server software) for BMS Hybrid, PRO installation integrating all BMS variants: PRO, RS-485, CAN/RF, LAN

BMS Software functionality (all together)
  • Graphical Remote Control (SVG) with possibility to create individual design of View
  • Text control from forms
  • Graphical Visualization (SVG) with automatically created View
  • Communication gateways: SMS, eMail, FTP, TCP/IP, WWW, HTTP
  • Lossless zoom in/out (Scalable Vector Graphics)
  • Integration to external word TCP/IP Server, HTML Requests, via file system
  • Remote Control: Online (LAN, WiFi, Internet) and Offline (SMS, eMail, SMS)
  • Graphical Visualization (SVG) with possibility to create individual design of View
  • Speech recognition and voice control (Android)
  • Configuration, logging, maintaining, servicing of BMS controllers
  • Graphical Remote Control (SVG) with automatically created View

BMS RS-485

RS-485 BMS system is based on large (all in one) Room Controllers for Room Management, control and integration of all subsystems (including lighting, heating, any devices on/off, dimming, measurement and regulation, wireless IR control of controller and external Audio/Video devices).
It creates most natural division of home automation functionality on Rooms assuring 100% of functionality of controller. It implements:
  • programs/scenes for ON/OFF outputs and dimmers
  • Events/Commands based actions
  • IR codes database for remote control of each Room Controller from standard SONY (SIRC) Remote Controller
  • IR codes database for remote control of external Audio/Video systems from Room Controller
  • advanced scheduler-calendar for unattended and cyclic operations
  • measurement and regulation programs
This functions strongly increase functionality RS-485 BMS system comparing to standard manually remotely controlled smart I/O devices
All RS-485 BMS controllers works in RS-485 network (serial UTP-8) wired architecture assuring secure.
It uses non aging technologies assuring live time greater than 10 years, several times larger than wireless controllers.
RS-485 BMS system consists of:
  • LAN/RS-485 Centralized Controller (LCC) - variant of LCC with single outputs, integrated security system with SMS notification
  • RS-485 Room Controller (RRC) - integrated control, management, regulation, IR remote control for Rooms, flats, etc.
  • BMS Software for Configuration, Remote Control, Graphical Visualization and control, Speech recognition, interfacing and integration to third party products
  • LAN/RS-485 Blinds and Security Controller (LBS) - Gates, Gateways, Drives, Servos Control, integrated security system with SMS notification
  • BMS PRO controller which can replace LCC/LBS controller for larger and hybrid installations
  • RS-485 Boiler Rooom Controller (RHC) - integrated control, management, regulation for boiler room, Central heating, solar system, ventilation
RS-485 BMS Mini switchboard for in-room installation
RS-485 BMS Mini switchboard 18 outputs on/off,12 inputs on/off, 10 measurement inputs, IR TX, IR RX, 3 Dimmers

RS-485 Room Controller

RRC is intelligent programmable & configurable microprocessor controller, optimized for complete management of whole rooms, flats or permises - control lights, heating (regulation), any electric devices (on/off), dimmers, Infrared suported devices, switches/sensors (on/off), measurement sensors (0,3v3) scale.
It shorten and strighten installation of comfort home automation system by reducing installation, wires, work to single room (dividing it to small segments).
It implements algorithms for:
  • functionality based on events (commands)
  • advanced calendar-scheduler for planed operations (248)
  • IR remote control of ERM (IR reception)
  • dimming LED lights
  • measurement, regulation programs, outputs & dimmers programs&scenes (24)
  • capable to send events to external RCC, LRCs or BMS Hybrid architecture via host
  • IR control databases for Room Controller 248)
  • measurement, regulation and control light, temperature, voltage and other physical parameters
  • IR remote control of external Audio/Video system (IR transmissison)
  • IR control databases for Audio/Video systems (248)
  • programmable digital (on/off) inputs
  • on/off control (digital) outputs

BMS Room Controller Hardware features

  • 10 ADC inputs for voltage, temperature, light measurement or any analog sensor (0,3v3)
  • 32 configurable digital outputs (on/off) with relay drivers
  • stabilized power supply
  • 3 LED dimmers or RGB (Pulse Width Modulation)
  • 12 configurable digital inputs (on/off)
  • RTC for clock and scheduler-calendar
  • Infrared input and output (for external IR Panel)

Hardware Variants

RRC.v3 - Standalone for external covers prices (EURO/NETT/DIY): 250/1pcs+, 200/10pcs+, 120/100pcs+
RS-485 BMS Room Controller Standalone RS-485 BMS Room Controller Standalone

Example covers: For DIN/TH rail - (Combobox), External (Fuse Box 5 modules) with transparent window for Infrared support

RRC.v5 (Mini) For MP-12, MP-18, MP-32 installation
Small Version (credit card size) for pluging directly to Relay Modules.
RS-485 Room Controller Mini RS-485 Room Controller Mini
RRC.v6 Integrated with MP-18 relay modules
Integrated with DIN/TH external industrial Relays + Sockets.
RS-485 Room Controller with external Relays and cover

RS-485 BMS switchboards

RS-485 BMS (Ethernet) switchboard are professional, low voltage (12VDC), ready to use, internally connected, and mounted for fast installation in the building.
RRC switchboard is single segment of installation.
Depending on variants it contains:
  • montage rails for fast and secure connection
  • Metal cover with key for closing and sealing
  • Power supply for RS-485 BMS and LED lights 12V/8A
  • RS-485 Room Controller controller (low voltage - 12VDC)
  • Relay modules with DIN sockets and relays 230V/16A (18 or 36)
  • IR external panel for remote control (TX, RX) and temperature, light measurement
  • Low voltage flat cables for inputs (switches) and IR panel connections

RS-485 BMS SwitchBoard - 18 relays (18 outputs 230V/16A)
RS-485 Room Controller complete mini switchboard

This variant can be expanded to 32 relays (cover with 2 DIN/TH rows). Prices (EURO/NETT/DIY) Full option: 1000/1pcs+, 800/10pcs+, 600/100pcs+
Optional: 8* (10m shielded cable +temperature sensors) for additional 8 heating zones per RRC: 200/1pcs+, 150/10pcs+, 100/100pcs+ (Length of cables can be individually ordered)

RS-485/LAN BMS Blinds and security system controller

LBS has Ethernet interface for direct work in LAN network architecture and RS-485 for connection RRCs.
It is optimized for security system together with drives, gateways, gates, shade awnings controller or single programable outputs (exclusively). Mode of operation is software selectable & configurable. GSM Module is optional.

LBS implements algorithms for:
  • capable to send events to other LRCs or other BMS architectures (Hybrid installation)
  • functionality based on events (commands)
  • control on/off (digital) outputs
  • measurement, regulation programs (12)
  • programs for drives, servos with security zone (24)
  • measurement, regulation and control light, temperature and other physical parameters
  • security zones (24) - contains mask for each sensor and each alarm outputs
  • advanced calendar-scheduler for planed operations (128)
  • intelligent digital inputs (on/off) with security system functionality

LBS Hardware features

  • stabilized power supply
  • Alarm, Warning, Early Warning, Monitoring outputs with relays (LBS)
  • RS-485 interface for supervising RS-485 BMS system
  • 48 digital inputs (on/off) with alarm functionality
  • GSM module for SMS control and alarm notification (LBS)
  • 70 digital outputs (on/off) with relay drivers for LCC mode (single outputs)
  • RTC for clock and scheduler-calendar
  • 35 drivers, gateways, gates outputs (on/off) with relay drivers for CM mode (double outputs)
  • 15 ADC inputs for voltage, temperature, light measurement

LAN/RS-485 BMS Security system + drives, gateways, gates controller LAN/RS-485 BMS Security system + drives, gateways, gates controller
LBS Prices (EURO/NETT/DIY): 500/1pcs+, 400/10pcs+, 300/100pcs+
GSM Module+Accesories Prices (EURO/NETT/DIY): 50/1pcs+, 40/10pcs+, 30/100pcs+

MP-18 relay module for RMC, RHC, LLC, LBS, PRO
  • PCB for direct connection to BMS controllers (realizes internaly all 40 cable connections)
  • common contact short rail (realizes all ~36 cable connections for one phase/voltage of power supply). It could be cut for multi-phase or voltage power supplies
  • 18 professional (industrial) relays 230V/16A with DIN/TH sockets (45mm insulation between electronics and 110-230V mains)
Din/TH relay module for direct connection to BMS controllers
MP-18 Prices (EURO/NETT/DIY): 200/1pcs+, 180/10pcs+, 150/100pcs+

Schematic RS-485 BMS of "RS-485 Room Controller" connection:
RS-485 BMS schematic


  • Programming Libraries: C, Java, Java Android, C# (.Net, .Net CF), Delphi
  • Java (Windows, Linux, and other with JAVA support): Graphical Visualization, Control and Management - via WiFi, Ethernet, Internet
  • CorelDraw Scripts for creating individual Visualization views and templates
  • Windows - Configuration
  • Linux Server software (including Web Browser support) (x86,x64, ARM6, ARM7: 1,2,4 cores)
  • Android - Graphical Visualization, Control and Management, Speech recognition (voice control) - via WiFi, Internet, SMS
Home Automation Software Windows (Configuration), JAVA PC & Android (multiplatform remote control, graphical visualization), Linux server for web support (x64,x86, ARM 1,2,4 cores).
Contact eMail for individual orders and questions: BAS - Building Automation System Producer
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